Johanne Ferguson


Johanne Ferguson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she lived through her university years. She attended and graduated from the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Manitoba in 1955. Her career in design began in Toronto shortly after at Chatelaine Magazine and she continued in interior design until the 1960s when she relocated with her family to Montreal and lived until 1980. During her years in Montreal Johanne worked in ceramics and began working with tissue paper to create collage paintings as a form of meditation. Her painting practice and studies expanded and, on her return to Toronto, she studied with Joyce Weiland. The collage paintings became increasingly significant as they inspired an extensive body of lyrical and poetic abstracts in acrylic. Since 1991, Johanne has had a number of solo exhibitions most notably at the Kyser-Goldberg Gallery in Toronto and later at the Russell Gallery of Fine Art in Peterborough and the Ontario College of Art and Design Outreach Gallery in Toronto.